Canadian Bay to Mornington

The beaches at Mt Eliza are lovely.  Ranelagh, Moondah, Sunnyside.  Canadian Bay Club, established in 1957, the year I was born, was also a location for the film “On the Beach”, the film of the Neville Shute novel of the same name.  It starred Gregory Peck, Ava Gardiner and Fred Astaire.  Other scenes were shot around Frankston, so can be claimed as the Bay’s own.  More significantly, at least from veteran local kayaker Bill Robinson”s point of view, the club provided an unofficial heaquarters for the sea kayak club for many years.

It’s a fine place to put in, for a paddle to Mornington.


The coast seems to drift by quickly, past some very large properties, the province of the rich and, bizarrely, Sunnyside nudist beach.  I imagine it is one of the most exclusive sections of coastline on the Bay.  And for good reason.  The beaches are secluded, and the properties are fortified against public intrusion by the rocky red bluffs which protrude from the coastline between Black Rock and Mt Martha.


By contrast, the pretty bathing boxes arescattered along the coast all the way to Mills Beach bely their asking price in the contemporary real estate market.

Mills Beach from the waterThe beach is as it has always been:  Yachts, swimmers, sunbathers, kids and people paddling  in the shallows.


Sleepy and sunny.

Looking north from Mornington Yacht Club Beach

Then it’s back to Mt Eliza.  A relaxed and companiable paddle about 12 km.

Heading back toward Mt Eliza about 1 km north of Mornington

Canadian Bay

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