Take me to the river

A paddle down the Yarra to Williamstown a couple of weeks ago revealed some unexpected delights.

We put in at North Wharf, Docklands on a sunny, late winter’s day, then under the Bolte Bridge which looks so much closer to the water than from the road above.

Photo 3-08-2014 1 49 41 pm

Past the industrial might of massive giraffe-like cranes hauling containers on and off ships. Even on a Sunday. Gasp!

Photo 3-08-2014 2 04 13 pm

Bit of an obstacle course at first, dodging party boats, speed boats, all sorts of boats, and staying out of the way of a container ship.  A big container ship.

Photo 3-08-2014 2 41 36 pm

Arrived at Williamstown in time for lunch but managed to avoid the seagull siege by putting in where only kayaks can get to, around the corner from the tourist park.  Thanks to Blunt’s boatyard – no cc cameras, no alarms, no rottweillers – no wonder you’ve been there for 150 years…http://www.bluntboats.com.au/history01.html.

Photo 3-08-2014 4 39 48 pm

Then, winter in Melbourne…on the Yarra.

Photo 3-08-2014 5 30 31 pm

 Photo 3-08-2014 5 39 17 pm

Photo 3-08-2014 5 54 38 pm

Photo 3-08-2014 5 57 15 pm

Photo 3-08-2014 6 11 08 pm

And now I know, the Bolte Bridge was designed to be seen from the water.


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