The Paris End of Cranbourne, or the murky north

Also known as Warneet.  Not unlike the northern coast of France really and especially nice for those who appreciate mangroves, mud and seabirds.  And a small slice of old Westernport, now condemned to its fate as the Port of Hastings.

Sunday morning at Warneet North Boat Club , calm and clear conditions with an incoming tide.  About twenty kayakers pull their boats over the mudflats, a thin sandy top layer disguises the sucking, squelching mud beneath.


One by one, the kayaks slide into the water, paddle downstream to the jetty for a warm up, then turn around and head upstream along a mangrove-lined creek.


A few directional problems, there are a lot of people in the water but who cares, it’s a nice morning.  The paddle is friendly and chatty.  Would have been good to do a bit more distance, to at least justify the drive to get here.  Still, it’s pleasant cruising upstream along the mangroves, until the water depth runs out and we have to turn around and come back again.


Warneet is still pretty unscathed form sea changers and tree changers, the mozzies and mud probably scare a lot of people off.  There are plenty of fishers and holiday shacks.  And birdlife on the beach.


The jetty is in pretty good shape, occupied, as so many jetties are around the bays, by people fishing, either alone or in small family groups.  There are lots of yachts and boats and general busy-ness.  It’s nice and daggy.